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For 190mm (7-1/2") Blade
Compact and lightweight 3.4kg
Complied for CE, Europian standard
Backward dust emission
Capacity: Blade Dia. 190mm (7-1/2")
Max. Cut Depth:90° 68mm (2-11/16")
Max. Cut Depth:45° 46mm (1-7/8")
Power Input 1,050W
No Load Speed 5,500/min.
Overall Length 291mm (11-15/32")
Weight 3.4kg (7.5lbs.)without box
Standard Accessories Blade, Guide, Wrench


Reliable, Long-Lasting Safety
Especially designed for durability, longer service life and safety.

Reliable, Advanced Motor
Hitachis motors are widely regarded for their high performance and long-lasting durability.

Rust-Resistant Bolts
The stainless bolts are rust-resistant and contribute to ease of maintenance throughout the pumps service life.

Thermal Relay
The thermal relay is an important mechanism inside Hitachi motors. It automatically disengages the motor when the temperature rises above the preset level and re-engages the motor when it is safe to do so.

Rust-Resistant Check Valves
Copper alloy check valves installed in water pumps are machined from a special alloy so you can rest assured that they will be rust-resistant and contribute to the overall durability of your water pump.

Water Temp Relay
The water temp relay temporarily pauses operation when it becomes too hot. This prevents deformation of parts due to overheating.

Ventilation Fan
Hitachis specially designed vent fan works wonders in ventilating heat to ensure more effective operation and thereby prolong the motors life.

Heat-Resistant Rubber Seals
Seals are made of heat-resistant materials. They are less likely to fracture so you will not be troubled by water leakage.


Variable speed by trigger
Reversible by level switch
Keyed chuck or keyless chuck available by areas
Power input 550W
Cylindrical housing for durability
lightweight 1.4kg (3.1lbs.)
Offset of chuck: 28mm


Cutting width: 82mm (3-1/4")
Max Cutting Depth: 1.5mm (1/16")
Rabbeting depth: 9mm (11/32")
Power input 580W
No load speed 17,000/min.
Compact and lightweight 2.5kg in comparison with Hitachi planers
Easy to adjust cutting depth by knob
Optional dust bag or elbow can be connected
Capacity: Cutting Width 82mm (3-1/4")
Max Cutting Depth 2.6mm (3/32")
Power Input 620W
No Load Speed 17,000/min.
Overall Length 296mm (11-21/32")
Weight 2.5kg (5.5lbs.)


Series Standard
Model Name RAS-EH13CKM
Rated Power Supply 1φ, 50Hz, 220-230V
Cooling Capacity kW : 3.5
BTU/h (Rated Cooling Capacity) : 11,940
Star Rating 3 Star
CSPF Wh/Wh 3.38
EER BTU/h Watt : 10.85
Total Power Input Watts (min-max) : 1100
Total Amperes A : 5.05 - 4.83
Air Flow m3/min (Powerful/H/M/L/Silent) : 12.0/11.5/9.0/7.5/6.2
Indoor Sound Level dB (Powerful/H/M/L/Silent) : 48/43/37/31/29
Outdoor Sound Level dB : 52
Dehumidifying Capacity I/h : 1.8
Maximum Length/Height of Piping m : 15/10
Minimum Pipe Length m : 3
Diameter for Liquid / Gas mm : 6.35/9.52
Power Supply Indoor
Net Dimension Indoor (W x H x D, mm) : 780*280*230
Outdoor (W x H x D, mm) : 658*530*275
Package Dimension Indoor (W x H x D) : 860 x 300 x 360
Outdoor (W x H x D) : 766 x 572 x 363
Net Weight Indoor / Outdoor (kg) : 8.0/25
Gross Weight Indoor / Outdoor (kg) : 11.5/26
Refrigerant R32


1x TechSpec
Series : Tank Type
Model : WT-P150XS
Motor Watt (W) : 150
Total Suction Head* (m) : 8
Total Discharge Head (m) : 14
Capacity (L/min) : 34 (Max.46)
Pressure Switch (kg/cm2 ) : On: 1.6
Off: 2.2
Suction Pipe (mm) : 25 (1")
Noise Level (dB) : 50
Discharge Pipe (mm) : 25 (1")
Taps Used Simultaneously**(Average) : 4
Elevation Difference (m) : 2
Dimensions (W×L×H, mm) : 384 ×384 ×553
Weight (Net/Gross, kg) : 15/17

  • For 17mm (21/32") hexagon bit shank
  • Power input 1,050W
  • Plastic-covered front grip for comfortable holding
  • Side handle with rubber grip
  • Easy-to-use slide type retainer
  • Functional and robust design